Songs of Love and the Greeks

Making Beautiful Music Together!

The Songs of Love Foundation recruited the voices of over 1,500 students of various fraternities and sororities at the AFLV conference in Indiana! Christian Parchman, a 6-year-old leukemia patient at the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital, received his very own personalized “song of love” with a GIGANTIC chorus of Greeks adding their voices as they all came together in this wonderful bonding experience.

It’s a program called the Songs of Love Experience™ offered by the Songs of Love Foundation that engages all kinds of groups in the live recording of “songs of love” for local sick children. We turn any space into a recording studio and capture all of the participating voices right over the choruses of the “songs of love”! The program is designed to unify the team spirit of any group while bringing joy to the children who need it most. It’s a win-win!

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