The Songs of Love Experience™

Songs of Love Foundation founder John Beltzer tells his personal story of overcoming adversity and the eventual creation of the Songs of Love Foundation.
John then leads the audience in the live recording of a “song of love” for a local child by recording the voices of all the participants over the choruses of the child’s “song of love”. All it takes is for the audience to listen to the song once and they all magically transform into instant recording artists! This unique team building program is very much like when a song is recorded in a recording studio but it’s done on location. It’s quite a thrill for the audience to experience what mostly musical artists get to experience with the added feature of the song being presented to the child who often attends the events with the family. Everyone gets to have a digital copy of the “song of love” which will serve as a constant reminder of the truly magical and transformative event everyone was a part of.

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